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Posted 19 May 2008 - 08:33 AM

Please visit our FAQ if there are any problems or issues. It's really quite helpful.

Please make sure you remember the rules and that you've read them. They're guidelines for the forums that you have to follow in order to keep your account active :D

If you break a rule, you will likely be punished. Punishment could be a warning, temporary loss of posting rights, a temporary ban or a permanent ban. Quite a few users have been around for a long time without any problems - this is because they know the rules ;)

For the New People

We are actually quite a nice bunch of people. We are trying to run an entertaining and troll-free forum and we'd appreciate your help. We need to do this by having rules and getting rid of people who don't stick to them so please consider your membership an investment. Read the rules, be smart and you'll have no problem fitting in.

General Stuff

We advise you to lurk a little before posting. It gives you a good idea of what goes on in the forums and where things go. The forums to post in are pretty obvious by their names but if there isn't a forum for what you'd like to post, use General Discussion. If it really doesn't fit in there, a mod will move the topic and let you know. Do NOT post porn or anything not work safe in General Discussion; if you wouldn't show your boss/relative whatever you're about to post, don't post it.

Posting Rules

Screwing up forums: Don't mess with the forums. If you post a malicious link (any URL with spyware or code that'll really piss people off), you'll get banned. Trying to screw our stuff up annoys us quite a lot. If you think you've been banned incorrectly, contact one of the Mods or Admins and we'll see what we can do.

In-fighting: We'd like everyone to be friendly but we appreciate that this just isn't realistic. IF you'd like to declare war on someone, please keep it to PM. If it filters out onto the forum, you will be punished in this order:

[*:1ocqsn1o]Polite request for you to stop (in the thread)
[*:1ocqsn1o]Semi-polite request for you to stop (via PM)
[*:1ocqsn1o]Impolite request and a posting probation
[*:1ocqsn1o]Ban (temporary most likely)
[*:1ocqsn1o]Permanent Ban
Account privacy

It's your responsibility to keep your account safe. If you give someone else your password, anything that happens is your fault as well as theirs. If you think your account has been hacked, contact one of the staff and we'll try and help.

Respect the staff

They're just trying to keep the place clean and safe for everyone - if they ask you to stop doing something, please do it. If you don't like the staff either discuss it with them via PM or feel free to not post here.

Racism, Hate Speech, Insults

Racist terms, any and all hate speech and personal insults are punishable offenses. Most times, Racism and hate speech are pretty clearly defined but insults seem to be something of a gray area. We will define when something is insulting so don't skirt these rules by simply being an asshole but not directly going all out at someone.

Correct Thread tagging

Please try to tag your threads as accurately as possible:

[*:1ocqsn1o][NSFW] for threads that aren't safe for work. If you wouldn't show it to your mom or boss it's NSFW
[*:1ocqsn1o][SPOILER] for threads with spoilers in them. This means anything that hasn't aired in South Africa, is airing or will air soon. If it's not your thread and you're posting a spoiler, use the [spoiler] tag to hide it from those that don't want to know.
[*:1ocqsn1o][NSF56K] for threads that are filled with huge links/images. In most countries this wouldn't be necessary but with Telkom choking life out our internet, bandwidth is a real concern.
If your threads aren't tagged properly they'll be tagged by a mod with a notification sent to you.

Extra Gotcha

Please don't try to cleverly get around any of the rules posted here. They're just guidelines and don't limit the staff at all. If consensus shows you broke the rules by cleverly finding some loophole, you will probably be punished :D

If you're banned

If you break a little rule, you'll be put on probation, which means you won't be able to start threads or reply for a certain amount of time. Breaking the rules again earns you a banning. At some point in the future we'll list all the people who have been or are banned but for now you'll just have to remember.

If you think you've been banned incorrectly, you'll need to contact services@dementia.co.za and request a do-over.

If you don't agree with a Mod/Admin

We're quite happy to entertain questions, complaints and so forth about staff. Be polite, explain your point and be detailed. Provided these requirements are met, we'll discuss it fairly and get back to you as soon as possible.